CT State Reps Visit GarKenyon

On July 19th, State Representatives David K. Labriola and Rosa C. Rebimbas visited GarKenyon Aerospace and Defense to experience a small, yet thriving manufacturing business in action. After a very informative tour and overview of the company, led by Steve and Jon Fournier, the state reps. met with the employees for a question and answer session.


The State Reps. discussed how Connecticut is investing in manufacturing education, and how it is trying to keep small manufacturing businesses in the state, given the economic climate and the new state tax policies. Rebimbas and Labriola urged employees to be heard through their local governments, and relayed how inspired they were that the company has been able to remain so successful in today’s economy.

Previously that day Labriola and Rebimbas had visited another small manufacturing company in Naugatuck much like GarKenyon, “Seeing how these two companies remain at the forefront of their industry is inspiring,” Rebimbas said,” Connecticut has a long way to go to be a competitive business state, but these companies show it’s possible to succeed with dedication, sacrifice and drive. Their commitment to their employees and Naugatuck is admirable.”

Rebimbas and Labriola ended the visit at GarKenyon with a luncheon with the senior management team of the company to discuss ways the state government can minimize constraints within the manufacturing industry and how it can try to protect smaller manufacturing businesses in the future.