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GarKenyon’s products have solved specific customer needs in Aerospace and Defense systems and subsystems.  Behind every product is a heritage of excellence and consistent performance.  We have the experience, highly skilled personnel and state of the art facilities necessary to produce products that perform in the most demanding environments required by our customers.


Twin Otter – Accumulator Gauges


Blackhawk – Restrictors
Commanche – Charging Valves
S-92 –  Accumulator Gauges

Boeing (Commercial)

727 – Shuttle Valves
737 /747/777 – Lavotory Drain Valves
757 – Flow Regulators
767 – Hydraulic Fuses
787 – Spool Sleeve Valves
DC-10 – Restrictors

Lockheed Martin

C-130 – Pressure Regulators, Check Shuttle Valves, Relief, Brake, Restrictors
C-5 – Restrictors, Checks
F-16 – Check Valves
F-111, P3C – Shuttle Valves, Restrictors
C-141– Relief,Shuttle Valves
F-22 – Shuttle Valves
L-1011– Shuttle Valves


CL 600 – Shuttle Valves
CL 415 – Restrictors, Actuators
CRJ – Actuators
Dash 7 – Water Fill Valves
Dash 8 – Water Fill Valves

Rolls Royce/Allison

T-63 – Restrictors Check Valves


Citation – Parking Brake, Master Cylinder
Sovereign – Shuttle Valves, Parking & Toe Brake
Bravo – Restrictors
Ultra – Toe Brakes

General Dynamics

F-111A – Shuttle Valves, Restrictors,
Check and Relief Valves
F-16 – Restrictors, Check, Bleed


31, 24 and 35 – Check Valves, Actuators
45 – Parking Brake valve, Emergency
60 – Restrictors, Shuttle Valves


G-150 – Shuttle Valves
G-200, 250 – Restrictors
G-300, 350 – Bleed Valves
G-400 – Bleed Valves
G-500 – Bleed Valves
G-4 – Check, Bleed, Shuttle, Restrictor


Malibu – Toe Brakes
CherokeeCheck Valves
Aztec – Pumps and Actuators


A-6 – Shuttle Valves
F-4, F-5 – Restrictors
F-14 – Check Valves
E-2C/D & OV-1 – Restrictors, Shuttle Valves

Hawker Beech Aircraft

Dutches – Restrictors
Sierra – Shuttle Valves
Hawker 400Shuttle Valves

Bell Helicopter Textron

AH-1 – Check Valves
UH-1 – Restrictors, Check
OH-58 – Check Valves
V-22 – Check Valves


A7 (LTV)Check Valves, Restrictors, Relief valves

A-10, F-228, F-105, F-84F (Fairchild)

TomahawkCheck Valves (Raytheon)

Commander 112-115 – Landing Gear Actuators

Boeing/McDonnell (Military)

F-15 — Shuttle, Check Valves
F-18 – Shuttle, Restrictors,Check Valves
F-4 –Shuttle, Restrictors,Check Valves
CH 47Restrictors, Check Valves
A-4, A-5 –Check Valves
AV-8 – Check Valves