GarKenyon Aerospace and Defense Thrives as the U.S. Military Defense Budget Shrinks

Although the U.S. government’s defense budget has been shrinking over the past few years, Gar Kenyon continues to find success in providing support for a wide range of military platforms, including programs in development, full-rate production programs, and legacy programs that are being upgraded and modified.

NAUGATUCK, CT – As the U.S. government continues to tighten its belt by reducing the defense budget, GarKenyon Aerospace and Defense finds ways to thrive. “Our ongoing success in light of the decreases in military spending is a testament to our ability to be responsive to the changing needs of our customers,” explains GarKenyon’s sales and marketing manager Eric Mansholt. “In addition to the high level of customer service we provide, we have the ability to meet the military industry’s technical needs at competitive prices.”

According to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, taking into account the budget for 2014, total military defense spending has dropped more than $80.2 billion since 2010. This downward trend is expected to continue.

In addition to supporting existing full rate production platforms such as the Tactical Tomahawk cruise missile, GarKenyon is providing critical fluid control solutions for programs currently under development. These programs include the KC46A air refuel aircraft, Firebird UAV and the Scorpion light attack aircraft. Products include a solenoid controlled valve, flow limiter, pressure compensator, NLG actuator, and control and braking system valves.

One of the most effective ways the military is dealing with the shrinking budget is to revive legacy programs through upgrades and modifications. GarKenyon is supplying brake shuttle manifolds to assist the U.S. Air Force with retooling the E-6 program. “This is another area where we excel,” says Eric. “We are happy to able to respond quickly with the parts our customers need to extend the life of existing programs.”

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