Featured on Discovery Channel

GarKenyon Aerospace and Defense was featured on a recent episode of Business Update:Aerospace & Defense on The Discovery Channel

February 13, 2012 – Naugatuck, Connecticut 

Chairman & CEO Steven Fournier has transformed GarKenyon Aerospace & Defense into an efficient, lean manufacturer of aerospace hydraulic & pneumatic components. With more than 60 years of experience, GarKenyon has weathered the recent tough economic storm and come out stronger than ever before.

This particular episode of Business Update: Aerospace & Defense aired on February 23rd.  The segment focused on the advancements that GarKenyon has made in the field of high quality, hydraulic/pneumatic and electromechanical aerospace components. It also highlighted the innovative lean business practices that were instituted by Fournier when he took the company over in 2003 and relocated it to Naugatuck, CT. “GarKenyon’s teams of dedicated and talented professionals have set the stage for a culture of innovation and relentless focus on serving our customers’ needs enabling us to enjoy the growth that we have experienced. Our recent leadership changes including the promotion of Khoi Vu to President & COO shall only serve to accelerate our rate of progress through organic growth and acquisitions,” said Chairman & CEO Steven Fournier.

“The aerospace industry has taken a tremendous hit in recent years. It is truly impressive to watch an American based manufacturer like GarKenyon weather the storm and come out on top,” said producer Vince Moss.

Additionally, this segment will air the week of March 12th on DISH and DIRECTV.  Special shortened versions will be shown at select airport locations via the CNN Airport Network beginning Feb 27th.

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